Tooth Extractions and Bone Grafts in Uptown

Our staff at Broadway Dental Co. focuses on protecting and maintaining your natural teeth, which means an extraction is only recommended when other treatments are no longer viable. If an extraction is needed, we will make sure each patient understands this treatment option and how a missing tooth may affect them. We strive to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that not only includes removing the affected tooth but also the different options for replacing it once it is gone.

Quality Services for Tooth Extraction and Bone Grafts

Tooth removal is commonly needed when a tooth is damaged beyond repair or as part of a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan. In some cases, the infection that occurs within the tooth is severe and a root canal is no longer a good option to save the tooth. In these cases, we will usually recommend an extraction to avoid further complications. When an extraction is required, we are diligent about helping you feel relaxed and comfortable about your decision during all stages of treatment.

In orthodontic treatment, severe crowding in the mouth might require the removal of specific teeth to make more room for the alignment of the rest of the teeth. It might also be necessary to extract baby teeth to help open up space so permanent teeth can grow in correctly. A consultation will be completed with an orthodontist and a formal treatment plan created prior to making the decision to extract any teeth. We will work to maintain open communication with the specialist so that your orthodontic treatment can be implemented properly to ensure the best possible outcome.

When an extraction occurs, the missing tooth can lead to gum tissue and bone loss in the surrounding area. A bone graft is often suggested at the time of extraction to prevent this issue. The graft will help recreate the missing tissues and allow for adequate new bone formation once the tooth is gone. In most cases, it is needed prior to implant placement to ensure proper healing. Depending on your situation, bone grafting might be done at the time of tooth extraction or by the surgeon during implant placement. Sometimes a graft may also be recommended during other dental procedures to rebuild the missing tissues for optimal esthetic treatment results.

Tooth Extractions FAQ

Should I visit a dentist or oral surgeon for an extraction?

A general dentist can complete most standard tooth removal services. We have the necessary equipment to numb the local area, extract the tooth carefully, and support your healing after the tooth is gone. If it is a more complex extraction, such as an impacted wisdom tooth, we usually recommend this being done by an oral surgeon. We have an amazing network of local specialists to help you select the right provider for your situation.

What replacement options are available after an extraction?

Just because a tooth is extracted doesn’t mean you must live with a missing tooth. Many unique replacement options exist to address your specific situation. The gold standard to replace a single missing tooth is a dental implant and crown. Other options include bridges, partial dentures, and full dentures. Your comprehensive treatment plan will not only include the extraction but also the best replacement options for you to restore the function and esthetics of your teeth.

Why is a bone graft recommended with the extraction?

Not every patient needs bone grafting with an extraction. If you are considering having a dental implant placed after your tooth is removed then a bone graft is usually recommended to be done simultaneously. Our staff will always discuss the risks and benefits of dental implants with bone grafts as it pertains to your unique situation. If you had a tooth extracted years ago and the tissue around it was lost, a surgeon may need to do a bone graft prior to or at the same time as implant placement. There are also other situations that exist where bone grafting is done by a specialist to help achieve the best esthetic treatment results for certain teeth.


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