Invisalign in Uptown

Misaligned teeth can be corrected using Invisalign, an invisible braces alternative. It is a clear aligner therapy that gently moves your teeth into a new position to fix spaces, crowding, rotations, and other bite issues. In the past, traditional bracket and wire braces were the only option to change the position of your teeth. Advanced modern technology now allows us to recreate your smile without the discomfort and unsightliness of braces. Invisible aligners are a great option for most patients so make sure to schedule a consult to see if this treatment is the best option for you!

How Do Aligners Work?

Everything starts with an initial consultation to make sure clear aligner therapy is right for you. Using specialized imaging equipment, we can capture the current position of your teeth and then digitally design your custom treatment plan. Your Invisalign dentist will work diligently to idealize the appearance, alignment, and positioning of your teeth. With this technology, we will be able to show you the final position of your teeth and duration of treatment before you make any commitments. When you are ready to move forward with treatment, the complete series of trays will be printed and the treatment will begin as soon as they’re ready.

Each tray in the series builds upon the movement from the previous set of invisible aligners. Every week, you will change out the current aligners and change to the next set in the series. Routine monthly visits are needed at the office to make sure your treatment is tracking correctly and to deliver your next set of trays. If necessary, we can also make adjustments to the treatment plan during its course or at the very end depending on the progress you are making.

One of the main benefits of clear aligners is the option to remove the trays when needed. Patients love that they can enjoy their favorite foods without worrying about it getting stuck in their braces. This also makes brushing and flossing much easier since brackets and wires of regular braces are not in the way. This means you are able to maintain good hygiene with ease during your treatment decreasing your risk for decay and gum disease. Most patients find that clear aligners are more comfortable compared to other types of traditional orthodontic treatment.

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Clear Braces FAQ

How often do I need to wear my clear aligners?

These trays need to be worn as much as possible. If you are not wearing the trays then they are not doing their job. The general recommendation is to wear your aligners at least 22 hours a day. This wear schedule gives you the chance to remove the aligners for meals only. The rest of the day, you can continue your regular activities and people won’t even be aware you are undergoing orthodontic treatment! It is also essential to follow the trays in the specific order they are provided to ensure treatment is tracking correctly.

Is Invisalign a painful treatment?

When you start to wear a new set of aligners, it’s common to feel a bit of discomfort or minor pain for the first few days. Remember that your teeth are moving and shifting into a new position. Continue to wear the aligners and you will find that the discomfort resolves after a few days. People often find that invisible aligners are less painful and more comfortable than traditional braces because you don’t have brackets and wires that cause sore spots on the inside of the lips and cheeks.

Am I a good candidate for clear aligners?

Clear aligner therapy is ideal for people with mild or moderate tooth alignment issues. When moderate to severe malocclusion is present, it is usually necessary to see an orthodontist for traditional braces and other procedures. Prior to beginning treatment, patients need to be cavity and gum disease free. Sometimes a history of advanced dental treatment or gum disease means someone may not be a candidate for clear aligner therapy. If you are considering this treatment, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our Invisalign dentist at Broadway Dental Co. to find the best option for you!


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